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    I just wanted to say thank you for doing Emma’s first laser treatment and explaining everything to us so patiently! We were very comfortable and pleased with the whole experience.
    Todd & Amy V.

  • I feel you have gone way above and beyond what most doctors to and your support and guidance has given me the courage I needed.
    Brenda F.

  • What a difference to have a normal smile and not the droopy one I could of had! Just want you to know how great I feel and how happy my family is, we all appreciate you!
    Bete & Family

  • Prior to the surgery, I was in such discomfort that I was reminded constantly that I needed relief. Thank you again. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am.
    Katherine O.

  • Dear Dr. Levitin,

    You truly have miracle hands. Since the first moment we met up, I felt such a certainty and safety for my sons future. From that moment on i knew my son was in perfect hands. This was the first time i actually heard something that Icould believe, [as] every other doctor seemed unsure about the answers they were giving me. All other options for treatment seemed like they were misguided. I can’t express the relief i felt after being placed with such an experienced doctor like yourself. I’d like to thank you and the [VBF] foundation for taking the time and consideration to fix my son’s problem. For the rest of our lives we will remember the miracle you performed with you hands.
    Angelica O. Mother of Victor J.

  • I went to see the ENT specialist after we returned home and he did make a comment as to how lucky I was, to not have had any nerve damage. He was truly impressed. I owe this all to you!
    Debra L.

  • A miracle has happened. My daughter … received a letter from United Health Care on Saturday giving approval for the surgery and also agreeing to cover it as an in network procedure. …I am overjoyed!
    Teresa J.

  • We can’t thank you enough for all you did to help our son have this surgery. The results brought tears to our eyes and a lot of our family too. It was best case scenario with the scar.
    Daniel & Natalie M.

  • I contacted you in my desperation to find help, and you very compassionately answered my questions and promptly emailed me back and offered your help. My family and I will always be thankful for having met you.

  • Dear Dr. Levitin,

    Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of her surgery. To this day, we still can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us. Every time we look at her, we think about you. She is happy, healthy, and a joy in our lives.
    Greg & Chloe V.

  • Dr Levitin, Thank you so much for your prompt reply, I must say I have never had such a quick response from an MD!
    Del J.

  • Sofia looks amazing. Her lip has healed better than we could have ever imagined. We recently were looking at old pictures of her and can’t believe how bad it used to be.
    Aisha A.

  • One of her doctors commented on how advanced her vocabulary is for her age and to think she barely spoke before her first surgery with Dr. Levitin. I will never be able to express how thankful my family and I am for everything…

  • You helped us very much and we not only feel thankful with you, but also with God and life. And the good that you have done to us, we want to do it for someone else.
    Mercedes W.

  • You removed my daughter’s forhead hemangioma last October. I just wanted to let you know that her scar is healing very nicely and has faded from red to a very light pink over the last 6 months. And since it is in her hairline, it is virtually unnoticeable. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did – and that includes not only the surgical result, but the responsiveness and time spent with me on the phone addressing my questions and concerns, as well as the efforts of your staff to help secure coverage by my insurance provider.
    Sally C.

  • I can’t say enough about this man. He gave us hope for our daughter Brinley when we thought there was no hope. Twice now we have travelled from N.C. to N.Y. for Dr. Levitin to operate on her and twice now, he has given Brinley back the normal life of a beautiful 5 year old little girl. We believe that God himself ordained for our paths to crossed at just the right time. We say a prayer for him often that other parents having children with AVM’s will also cross his path. We believe everything happens for a reason. We believe that our anguish was also for a reason. We have been able to bring awareness to this condition because before this occurred with our daughter, we had never heard of AVMS. Dr. Levitin, if you happen to read this, we are forever in your debt. May God guide your hands so that you’re able to give other parents the same gift that you have given to my wife and I, our daughter, Brinley.
    C. Williams

  • In brief, I would like to say that Dr. Levitin is very capable doctor with a lot of experience with AVMs. He responds quickly to e-mail, texts, and phone calls. He accepts insurance. He takes a “team approach” and will be your “QB” and involve other specialists as necessary.
    Chris V. (New York)

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Our Patient Reviews
The Vascular Birthmark Center: Gregory M. Levitin, MD

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Based on 27 reviews

Abril M.

Dr. Levitin is very knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. Five years ago, I needed to find information about a birth mark that my newborn daughter started to grow a couple days after birth. I was afraid, I did not feel like I got any clear information about it through my insurance; also, they did not offer any course of treatment for it. I started to look for information, the birthmark was growing each day, information was scarce and I just got more scared. Finally, I found a video in Youtube from a grandmother who was very grateful after finding treatment for her grand daughter through The Birthmark Foundation. It was a huge blessing to me and my family. I found Dr. Levitin, I contacted him thinking he probably would not even answer. I was wrong, he kindly answered promptly, got in touch with me and soon he had a plan : ) I went to see him at the Birthmark Center in Los Angeles. He explained everything in a way that it was so clear to understand, no question I made was insignificant and his answers were each very informative. I really never have had an experience with a doctor who explains and speaks in such a way. I left his office knowing that my daughter was in the best hands and the best care. I first thank God for the Birthmark Foundation, a great organization with the highest quality of doctors. Also, a very special thanks to Dr. Levitin for all his help and kindness, for listening to my concerns and answering each and every question. And last, but no least, to the Birthmark Foundation Center in Los Angeles : ) I hope many children can find help/care in this place as I found it for my daughter. Thank you forever.

Ryan E.

I will be telling tales of the good doctors compassion till time comes to an end. Because of Dr Levitin, I have more confidence in my every day life. He was fast, knowledgeable, precise and all with a disarming sense of humor. Two thumbs up!

Carla M.

I wanted to show you how much better Hailey's tongue looks and let you know her speech has already improved so much!!! Her speech teacher is thrilled!!!! Thank you so much for everything you did for her. You are an excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner- we are forever grateful to you!!! We are so appreciative!

Danielle L.

we are forever grateful for Dr. Levitin. My daughter Lena had surgery to remove her hemangioma that was located on her forehead at just 6 month old. she healed beautifully and we couldn't be happier with how minimal her scar is, even almost 4.5 years later. Dr. Levitin is caring, compassionate, and such a great doctor/surgeon overall. He had our daughter's best interest and I knew she was in good hands. I highly recommend him any chance I get!


My name is Chris and I was recently treated for an AVM on my forehead by Dr. Gregory Levitin of New York (New York Eye and Ear Infirmary). Thankfully, I live within a few hours of NYC. In brief, I would like to say that Dr. Levitin is very capable doctor with a lot of experience with AVMs. He responds quickly to e-mail, texts, and phone calls. He accepts insurance. He takes a "team approach" and will be your "QB" and involve other specialists as necessary. In my particular case they were Dr. Raj Shrivastava (Mt Sinai) and Dr. Raphael A. Ortiz (Lenox Hill) in NY. I recommend contacting Dr Levitin for a consultation if you suspect you have an AVM. All 3 Drs are just good people. When I spoke to them, they treated me like like an equal. I felt like they were advising me as a close friend or family member. Like many that suffer with AVMs I was at first mis-diagnosed. What was thought to be a just a simple cyst turned out to be an AVM. Surgery to remove the cyst made the AVM about 5x bigger. My treatment entailed a few MRIs and CAT scans to determine what was going on and the treatment plan. This was followed by consultation with the 3 Drs mentioned above and finally a 2-day procedure. On day 1 Dr Ortiz embolized the AVM. On day 2 Dr Levitin and Dr Shrivastava removed the AVM from my skull and put some metal mesh there to fill the "hole". It has been 6-months since the surgery and so far I have not had any recurrence. In honor of Vascular Birthmark Awareness Day and to thank these Drs for all they have done for me, I just want to give everyone a solid reference. Finding the right doctor for this type of stuff makes all the difference.

Valle S.

I just discovered this page i have also a birthmark I always experiences bully because of this. I don't know what kind of birthmark is this if it is harmful ? I hope Dr. Levitin notice this message in this way I think he can help me :) :) #DrLevitin

Alicia M.

This year marks the 10th that I contacted VBF for help. Since then I have been under the care of Dr. G Levitin and Dr. R. Ortiz, they are my guardian healing angels! Thanks VBF for not only helping me but also for letting me be a volunteer in the foundation whenever I am needed. A Big Hug to all from MIAMI... Alicia

Alexander G.

Totally positive experience. Dr. Levitin is a great professional. He has diagnosed and treated my nose breathing problem, significantly improving my quality of life. Office staff is very professional. Appointments always kept on time. Strongly recommend.