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Los Angeles is home to the satellite office of the Vascular Birthmark Center, serving patients from California and the southwestern United States. It is the goal of Dr. Greg Levitin to provide patients from all over the country easy access to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular birthmarks and malformations. A leading figure in the field, Dr. Levitin is a fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS).

Having supported one of his twin daughters through the diagnosis and treatment of a hemangioma, Dr. Greg Levitin has a unique perspective on evaluating, removing and recovering from vascular birthmark and malformation procedures. Many centers warn patients that there is a 50% risk of facial nerve damage as a result of certain treatments. However, through the dedication to his field and the use of an intraoperative nerve monitoring system, treatment from the Vascular Birthmark Center carries less than a 1% risk.

Vascular Birthmark/Malformation Symptoms

Each type of birthmark or malformation presents different visual symptoms and can affect the patient’s health in equally varying ways. A full evaluation resulting in an accurate diagnosis is the only way to ensure you or your child receives the right treatment. There are a number of similarities between benign and malignant lesions, and determining the difference plays a crucial role in developing a care plan for the patient. Dr. Greg Levitin has the tools, knowledge and experience to ensure that the health of Vascular Birthmark Center patients come first each and every time.

While most vascular birthmarks and malformations are congenital, many also do not appear or develop until young adulthood. At the Vascular Birthmark Center, we specialize in the treatment of both adults and children, so it is never too late to seek a consultation with Dr. Greg Levitin. For your convenience, we have provided the online facility where you can receive a consultation free of charge without even having to pick up the phone.

Patient Support and Resources

Due to the complexities involved in the diagnosis and treatment of many forms of vascular malformations, the Vascular Birthmark Center is committed to providing our patients with access to a broad range of support and resources. We are proud to take an active role in supporting the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF) in the work they do in providing patients with a voice and invaluable resources. Dr. Greg Levitin personally works closely with the VBF in a joint effort to ensure that new innovations in patient care are promoted and implemented.

To learn more about the Vascular Birthmark Center in Los Angeles, including our “in-network” insurance coverage options, contact us today for a friendly consultation.

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