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At the Vascular Birthmark Center, Dr. Greg Levitin and his team are dedicated to providing both adults and children with an accurate vascular birthmark or malformation diagnosis. Early diagnosis plays a key part in ensuring that patients receive the right treatments using the most advanced tools and techniques available in the field. Education has an important role in the work we carry out, so patients and parents are always encouraged to ask questions and advance their learning.

We encourage an environment that is conducive to relaxation and promotes healing. Dr. Greg Levitin has a vested interest in ensuring that every patient receives the excellence in care that he or she deserves. His passion for his work stems from his own experiences with one of his twin daughters who suffered from a large hemangioma that saw her go through medical, laser therapy and finally surgical treatment options.

As a result of his own experiences and recognizing there was a need for better vascular birthmark and malformation treatments, Dr. Levitin pursued a career in the field. It was here that he excelled, honing his skills and techniques through decades of service to the people of the United States. Patients of Dr. Greg Levitin and the Vascular Birthmark Center currently have the choice of visiting one of two offices located in either New York or Los Angeles.

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of your or your child’s symptoms, the Vascular Birthmark Center is able to recommend a treatment plan that will provide you with the quickest path to recovery. An important part of surgery, especially with treatments concerning the face or neck, is the protection of nerve tissue. There is a 50/50 chance that facial nerves will suffer damage during treatment at most centers. However, Dr. Greg Levitin has been able to reduce the risk to lower than 1% by using an intraoperative nerve monitoring system.

Treatment with Compassion

One of the major differences you will notice when you receive treatment from the Vascular Birthmark Center is the amount of support available from Dr. Greg Levitin and his team. We pool our resources with the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF) to offer patients a better experience where you are never alone at any stage of your journey. From the first contact, through diagnosis and treatment, our team is by your side providing all the help and support you need.

Use the links for more information on our medical, laser therapy and surgical treatment options and how they apply to you. If you have any specific questions you may also find our FAQs helpful. Alternatively, we invite you to reach out through our website for a free consultation.

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Every Birthmark Is Unique

Dr. Levitin’s mission is to provide the most effective treatments in a caring and supportive treatment.
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