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Best described as an abnormal vascular malformation, a pyogenic granuloma is an inflamed growth that typically develops on the arms, head or neck. Growths are also known to occur in the oral cavity, which can cause discomfort for the sufferer. Made up of friable blood vessels, pyogenic granuloma may bleed frequently, shrink and reappear.

It is important to have pyogenic granulomas properly diagnosed, as they share many of their characteristics with oral and skin cancers. Lesions may respond well to oral medications by shrinking or disappearing. However, we recommend that you make an appointment with the Vascular Birthmark Center if they reappear, begin to bleed and then refuse to heal.

Pyogenic Granuloma Treatment

Patients can have pyogenic granuloma removed at the Vascular Birthmark Center. There are a number of effective treatment options, depending on the location of the pyogenic granuloma and the individual needs of the patient. Some of the most effective treatment options are as follows.

Curettage and cauterization are carried out under local anesthetic by first removing the pyogenic granuloma and then cauterizing the skin. There is minimal scar tissue left behind but less chance of the lesion growing back. Surgical excision provides a solution that is all but guaranteed to ensure the lesion does not return and is especially effective when treating gingival pyogenic granulomas.

Laser therapy is effective in the reduction of both small and large pyogenic granulomas, using different wavelengths and types of lasers to achieve desired results. There is less chance of infection or scarring due to the absence of an open wound, and precision targeting can be used to reduce the risk of facial nerve damage during the procedure.

Topical creams are often better suited to treating children with pyogenic granuloma lesions, and they negate the need for more invasive treatments such as laser therapy or surgery. Due to immunomodulators contained in certain topical creams, they are incredibly efficient in the permanent removal of pyogenic granulomas.

Seeking a Diagnosis

If you are unsure whether what you are seeing is a pyogenic granuloma or another type of vascular malformation, you can consult with the Vascular Birthmark Center over the phone or via our website for free. Our team is made up of trusted professionals who know when it is the right time to come in for a full evaluation and treatment. When it comes to removing pyogenic granulomas in children, it is the aim of the Vascular Birthmark Center to use the most painless and effective treatment option.

You can also book an appointment at our Los Angeles or New York offices today if you would prefer a face-to-face consultation. If you have any concerns about travel arrangements, please feel free to discuss them when you speak to a member of the team.

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