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Congenital birthmarks, as the name suggests, are present at birth or appear a few months later. Common forms of vascular birthmarks include salmon patches, hemangiomas and port-wine stains. Discoloration of the skin is caused by increased blood vessels and can occur in a single or multiple locations on the body.

The diagnosis of congenital birthmarks can be carried out by your family doctor. However, in many cases you may need to consult with a specialist such as Dr. Greg Levitin of the Vascular Birthmark Center. Treatment for vascular birthmarks is available, although there are risk factors associated with birthmarks located on or around the face.

Congenital Birthmarks Treatment

It is recommended that you only trust treatment of congenital birthmarks to an experienced and qualified specialist. Facial nerve monitoring is carried out at the Vascular Birthmark Center using an intraoperative nerve monitoring system, which results in Dr. Levitin being able to reduce the risk of permanent damage from 50% to below 1%.

Dr. Greg Levitin offers medical, laser therapy or surgical treatment options. It is our goal to provide the least invasive medical route to reversing congenital birthmarks before moving to laser or surgical procedures. You will receive a comprehensive diagnosis at the Vascular Birthmark Center, followed by an open and frank discussion with Dr. Levitin concerning the best course of action for you or your child’s needs.

Medical treatment may involve the use of propranolol, steroids or vincristine. Dr. Levitin has the experience and expertise to determine which course of medication will provide you with the fastest and most effective reversal of your congenital birthmark. Laser therapy options are designed to address the majority of birthmarks, due to Dr. Greg Levitin’s use of multi-wavelength lasers. Children as young as 6 months old can undergo surgical therapy if there is a serious risk to health due to compromised breathing.

Symptoms of Concern

The majority of patients will not experience any symptoms from congenital birthmarks, other than visible discoloration or raised lesions. However, there are a rare number of cases where congenital birthmarks can result in medical complications. Such is the case when a port-wine stain around the eye causes complications with sight in later years or a strawberry mark inhibits breathing in young children.

In the case of the latter, it is essential that parents do not delay in seeking treatment from the Vascular Birthmark Center. Symptoms of concern include labored breathing, choking or gasping, especially during sleep or feeding. In all instances, Dr. Levitin will base recommendations on a careful evaluation of your child.

For a fully comprehensive examination, book an appointment at the Vascular Birthmark Center today. Dr. Greg Levitin will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have during your consultation.

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