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The New York office of Dr. Greg Levitin is the central hub for the Vascular Birthmark Center, allowing patients to easily access services from NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut. The diagnosis and treatment of vascular birthmarks require specialist academic qualifications and experience. As a result of his work in these fields, Dr. Levitin was selected as one of “America’s Best Doctors” in both 2013 and 2014.

Dr. Greg Levitin brings an extra dimension to caring for his patients, having supported his young daughter through medical and laser therapy, as well as surgical treatment. It was this experience that inspired Dr. Levitin to pursue a career focused on the effective treatment of vascular birthmarks including hemangiomas, port-wine stains, venous malformations and arteriovenous malformations.

Part of what makes the Vascular Birthmark Center in New York special, is that Dr. Levitin’s services are sought after by both patients and medical professionals in the field. His qualifications and success rates alone make Dr. Greg Levitin one of the most accomplished providers of vascular birthmark diagnosis and treatment in the United States.

Vascular Birthmark Symptoms

The most obvious symptom of a vascular birthmark is the discoloration of the skin. However, in certain cases they may cause pain, discomfort or even affect sight, depending on the size and location of the malformation. It is important to make an appointment with Dr. Greg Levitin at the Vascular Birthmark Center for an accurate diagnosis of the nature of the birthmark. You are welcome to ask questions throughout the process, as Dr. Levitin encourages open dialogue at the Vascular Birthmark Center.

Facial Nerve Monitoring

Many treatment centers estimate risks as high as 50% for facial nerve damage as a result of certain vascular birthmark malformation treatments. However, using an intraoperative nerve monitoring system has allowed Dr. Greg Levitin to reduce the potential risk to less than 1%. The two types of conditions which pose the most risk are venous malformations followed by lymphatic malformations, due the increased likelihood of damage occurring to the facial nerves.

Dr. Levitin is committed to ensuring the best-case scenario is by far the most likely outcome, providing patients with peace of mind from knowing that receiving treatment for a vascular birthmark is not a high-risk gamble. The diagnosis and treatment options are discussed in a way that allows patients to make informed decisions about their own care, with the expert guidance of Dr. Levitin.

Would you like a consultation with Dr. Greg Levitin? Contact the Vascular Birthmark Center today to book your first appointment. You will find the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at our offices will immediately put both adults and children at ease.

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