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What is a Hemangioma?

A hemangioma is a growth of blood cells that are benign in nature. Although they are the most common form of vascular tumors in children, they do give parents cause for concern when first observed. The good news is that hemangiomas typically grow for a limited period of time before eventually reducing in size without the need for treatment.

In most cases, a hemangioma will not impact your child even though they may look uncomfortable and painful. However, some hemangiomas can bleed or do become painful. It is important to have children with hemangiomas assessed, as there is also the chance they are associated with abnormalities of the nervous system or spine that do not present visible signs.

Hemangiomas Treatment

Even when hemangiomas are not causing any physical health problems, there is always the emotional impact on a child to consider. If you feel that your child’s self-confidence is being affected, or he or she is observed attempting to hide their hemangioma, treatment is still an option from the Vascular Birthmark Center. A beta blocker drug can help when the affected skin covers a small area, either through the application of a gel or as an oral medication. Corticosteroid medications are an alternative that may work for children who cannot take beta blockers. The drug is delivered either via injection directly into the nodule, as an ointment applied to the site or taken orally.

Laser surgery has a number of applications for treating hemangiomas. Dr. Greg Levitin can use a number of different lasers to reduce growth, discoloration and even the painful effects associated with some hemangiomas. Dr. Greg Levitin and the Vascular Birthmark Center support all ongoing research into treatment options for hemangiomas that work faster and provide more effective relief. As new treatments emerge, we are committed to ensuring that our young patients are the first to benefit.

Emotional Support for Children and Families

If you are seeking treatment for your child’s hemangioma due to the impact it has on self-confidence, the Vascular Birthmark Center is here to help find the support you need outside of treatment alone. This a subject that is especially close to Dr. Greg Levitin’s heart, as he was once in the very position you find yourself in now. In fact, the experience of one of his twin daughters with the treatment of a large hemangioma is what lead him down his current career path.

If you would like to discuss your child’s hemangioma with a team of professionals who care, trust the medical experts of the Vascular Birthmark Center. We have offices in New York and Los Angeles, where we welcome patients from all over the United States. Contact us today!

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