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The processes by which nevi are removed differ in considerable ways, depending on whether the lesion is pigmented or non-pigmented, the position relative to organs or nerve tissue and the size of the cell cluster. Therefore, it is important that all patients who are seeking treatment or removal of a nevus visit the Vascular Birthmark Center for a full evaluation.

Removal of nevi is possible in many cases with minimal risk of scarring. However, the larger the area of skin covered, the more difficult it becomes to remove all of the birthmark. Methods of removal also depend on whether the nevus is pigmented or non-pigmented. Moles are the most common form of nevi, which are small, pigmented and either present at birth or form by around the age 20.

As a rule, the smaller the mole the easier it is for Dr. Greg Levitin to remove. Larger nevi present greater challenges, in that it may not be possible to remove all the affected cell clusters and the risk of scarring is greatly increased in any case.

Nevus (Pigmented and Non-pigmented) Treatment and Removal

Whether you are seeking the removal of a nevus due to health concerns or for aesthetic reasons, it is important to understand the impact of treatment. It is possible to use laser treatments to remove or reduce the impact of pigmented nevi. However, the results will vary depending on a number of factors. Dr. Greg Levitin uses a series of lasers that are set to different wavelengths, which enable him to better address the variations in nevi coverage and pigmentation.

There is the option of surgical removal for smaller nevi where scarring is all but nonexistent. However, larger areas will require the use of skin grafting in order to minimize any scar tissue. For many patients, the decision of whether to go ahead with removal is based on cancer risk or aesthetic considerations, whereby scar tissue is an acceptable result for peace of mind. While we are happy to provide an online consultation on the likely outcomes of nevus treatment or removal, an evaluation is still required at our Vascular Birthmark Center offices.

The Vascular Birthmark Center

The Vascular Birthmark Center has offices in New York and Los Angeles. If you are interested in further discussing the potential benefits of nevus treatment or removal, we invite you to contact our team over the phone or via our website. You will find that Dr. Greg Levitin is compassionate and understanding, with a commitment to providing you with the most effective treatment options available.

Contact the Vascular Birthmark Center today to arrange an evaluation so we can determine the likely outcomes of treating or removing your nevus.

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