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Midline venular malformations present as pink colored blotches that appear around the forehead and eyebrows, on the upper eyelids and the back of the neck. You may have heard birthmarks found around the eyes and forehead referred to as an angel’s kiss, those on the neck as stork bites, or collectively as salmon patches.

In the vast majority of cases, midline venular malformations will fade with time or disappear altogether. However, they can persist into adulthood and even become darker and more noticeable as a person ages. Due to the location of these vascular malformations, they can cause children to become self-conscious about their appearance, which will likely persist into adulthood and result in confidence issues.

This type of birthmark may be present at birth or develop soon after. There are no diagnosis requirements, unless Dr. Greg Levitin suspects he is looking at a different type of vascular birthmark or malformation that has the potential to result in malignancy or other complications.

Treatment Options

If you seek treatment by referral from your pediatrician, the likelihood is that you may need to visit with a number of specialists to determine the most appropriate treatment method. However, by consulting with Dr. Greg Levitin of the Vascular Birthmark Center, your child can receive all necessary treatments at our offices.

Laser therapy is an effective treatment option from the Vascular Birthmark Center due to Dr. Levitin’s use of multi-wavelength lasers and advanced techniques. We also provide pulse-dyed laser therapy, which helps in the reduction of discoloration stemming from midline venular malformations. For smaller birthmarks, anesthesia generally isn’t needed, as the procedure is minimally invasive and will not cause your child any discomfort.

You may have been told in the past that surgery is not an option for children with midline venular malformations. However, not only is surgery possible when you trust your child’s care to the Vascular Birthmark Center, scarring is minimal, and the results are a permanent improvement in the appearance of the affected area. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Greg Levitin is able to remove malformations and restore symmetry and contour without affecting the function of the area.

To reduce the risk of facial nerve damage to less than 1%, Dr. Levitin uses an intraoperative nerve monitoring system during any treatment where the risk is usually up to 50%. Whether you wish to pursue treatment for midline venular malformations or simply wish to ensure your child does not have a malignant form of malformation, you can get the help and peace of mind you need from the Vascular Birthmark Center. Call today, or use our online consultation service free of charge.

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