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Congenital lipomatosis is a rare condition that results in the occurrence of a benign tumor made up of fatty tissue under the skin. This type of birthmark commonly results in a progressive deformity as the child gets older which primarily affects the neck or face. It is important to choose a doctor who has experience in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital lipomatosis, as there are risks involved as well as the potential for recurrence after initial removal. Dr. Greg Levitin specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital lipomatosis at his Vascular Birthmark Center office in New York.

Due to the rarity of congenital lipomatosis, your child will need to go through a thorough evaluation before treatment options are discussed. Dr. Levitin has the tools and experience needed to provide an accurate diagnosis. There is an increased risk of nerve damage associated with treating vascular birthmarks that are located on the face or neck, which are largely mitigated through the techniques used at the Vascular Birthmark Center.

Congenital Lipomatosis Treatment

By the age of 3 most children will have developed a sense of self, which means they are aware of how they look compared to other children. Although they may not fully understand why they feel self-conscious at this age, children learn quickly and will soon display behavior that suggests they feel embarrassed due to conditions such as congenital lipomatosis.

Seeking treatment early will help your child develop a healthy sense of self. The older the child is when treatment is provided, the more likely that psychological effects of congenital lipomatosis will persist into adulthood. Dr. Levitin will happily discuss with you the best course of action for your child’s needs as part of a one-on-one consultation.

As nerve damage, scarring and reoccurrence are some of the major concerns associated with congenital lipomatosis, Dr. Levitin combines his expertise as a plastic surgeon with specialized tools to ensure that any risks are minimal. For over a decade, he has successfully used an intraoperative nerve monitoring system to reduce the risk of nerve damage to below 1%, making Dr. Greg Levitin one of the most trusted providers of vascular birthmark treatment in the country.

The Vascular Birthmark Center

The Vascular Birthmark Center has offices in New York and Los Angeles and is under the leadership of Dr. Greg Levitin. Voted one of “America’s Best Doctors” two years running from 2013-14, Dr. Levitin is a board-certified otolaryngologist (head and neck surgeon). He and his team are personally committed to the diagnosis and effective treatment of vascular birthmarks and related malformations in patients residing throughout the United States.

To benefit from the experience and expertise of Dr. Greg Levitin, contact the Vascular Birthmark Center to arrange an evaluation at either our New York or Los Angeles offices.

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