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An angiokeratoma is a benign lesion that causes red to blue-black marks on the skin. These are considered vascular lesions which result in the surface layer of the epidermis becoming thicker. A single lesion is barely noticeable, whereas larger groups are clearly visible on the surface of the skin. There are a number of types of angiokeratoma, based on where the lesions are located on the body.

Sporadic angiokeratoma describes a number of lesions that are spread out rather than clustered together. Fordyce angiokeratoma are found on the male scrotum and present as small reddish or purple spots that may extend to the shaft of the penis, lower abdomen and thighs. In women, a similar group of lesions is called vulvar angiokeratoma.

Lesions found on the torso or legs are most likely the result of angiokeratoma circumscriptum. Finally, angiokeratoma of mibella is best described as up to 5mm red papules that are found on the skin and can grow into thicker, scalier warts.

Angiokeratoma Treatment

Dr. Greg Levitin will first bring you in for an evaluation to provide a diagnosis and ensure that your lesions are a form of angiokeratoma. There are similarities between angiokeratoma lesions and malignant tumors, so it is important that an accurate diagnosis is carried out before treatment options are discussed.

There are two main reasons that patients typically request removal of angiokeratoma lesions: concerns over bleeding and infection, or to improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin. Dr. Levitin is happy to discuss with you the impact of the treatment methods used at the Vascular Birthmark Center before you agree to any procedures.

Laser therapy is often the preferred choice for patients when removing single or small clusters of angiokeratoma lesions. Dr. Greg Levitin uses multi-wavelength lasers to address varying depths of color in lesions, making this treatment much more effective for our patients. If you have already been through an evaluation with another doctor and were told that laser therapy was not the right option for you, make sure to consult with the Vascular Birthmark Center in New York or Los Angeles.

The Vascular Birthmark Center also offers a surgical treatment option for the removal of angiokeratoma lesions where appropriate. Dr. Greg Levitin is an accomplished plastic surgeon who uses small incisions in order to minimize scarring. Depending on your needs, Dr. Levitin may recommend using a combination of treatments for best results.

Free Online Consultation

If you have further questions about angiokeratoma treatment you can receive a free consultation via our website. The Vascular Birthmark Center is here to address all your concerns and ensure you are provided with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your diagnosis and treatment options.

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